TSF Bookstore is an arm of the ministry of The Shepherd Flock Church with a mission to raise Holy, Healthy and Prosperous people in every nation of the world.

The Shepherd Flock Church lead by Reverend Tony Akinyemi  (The Ministry General Overseer) is committed to the care of the WHOLE MAN, caring for man spirit, soul and body. TSF Bookstore therefore is one place among many to nurture the soul, spirit and the body of man.

TSF Bookstore is a treasure place that are where hidden treasures can be discovered bringing transformation to any individual who can dig deep to where the treasures are laid.


Welcome to the place of discoveries, great books, CDs and DVDs from great authors, teachers and preachers are available, search by categories, keywords or topics and discover the hidden treasures kept for you.

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Head Office: TSF Bookstore, 18 Shogunle Street off Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos

Telephone: 09081130218